Icmpreboot for FreeBSD  

The icmpreboot package consists of a serverside kld module icmpreboot.ko and a clientside program icmp_reboot_client. This package enables a server to be rebooted through the use of icmp packets. An authentication method is provided, authentication information is transmitted encrypted over the network.

Two reboot commands are currently implemented, a CTRL-ALT-DEL (nice) kind of reboot with killing of all processes and syncing of the disks before the reboot, and a hard reboot without sync, for those times you really need it. Other commands can easily be added to the source.

This package is considered to be free. You are free to use and distribute the source code. Refering to the origin when distributing is considered to be polite. Any patches and ideas are greatly welcomed on the e-mail address below.

Supported platforms
The icmpreboot kld module has been tested and found working on

  • FreeBSD 3.4
  • FreeBSD 3.5
  • FreeBSD 4.0

Other versions of FreeBSD might also work (at least FreeBSD 3.0 is needed, older versions do not support the new kld module structure).
For more information check out the README file.

Download the source (version 0.1): icmpreboot-0.1.tgz (10Kb)

Use at your own risk! I personally and Digital Intelligence as a company do not take responsibility for any damage this module does.

Rob Kaandorp <rob@di.nl>
Digital Intelligence
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